PowerKeys Locksmith LLC

Effective Date: May 20, 2024

At PowerKeys Locksmith LLC (“we,” “us,” or “our”), we are committed to maintaining transparency and integrity in our advertising practices. This Advertising Policy outlines the guidelines and standards we adhere to in order to ensure that our advertising is honest, clear, and not misleading.

1. General Principles

  • Honesty: All advertisements must be truthful and not misleading. Claims made in ads must be supported by evidence and accurately reflect the services we provide.
  • Clarity: Advertisements must be clear and understandable. We avoid using jargon or complex terms that could confuse customers.
  • Relevance: Ads must be relevant to our locksmith services, including emergency, commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith solutions.
  • Respect: Our advertising content must respect all individuals and groups, and should not contain offensive or discriminatory language or images.

2. Content Standards

  • Accuracy: All descriptions of services, prices, and offers must be accurate and not exaggerated. False claims or misleading statements are prohibited.
  • Comparative Advertising: If we compare our services to those of competitors, the comparisons must be fair, accurate, and substantiated.
  • Endorsements and Testimonials: Any endorsements or testimonials used in our ads must reflect the honest opinions and experiences of the endorsers. We must disclose if the endorsers have been compensated.
  • Legal Compliance: Our advertisements must comply with all relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

3. Digital Advertising

  • Targeting: We use digital advertising to reach relevant audiences. Any targeted advertising must be done respectfully and in compliance with privacy laws.
  • Cookies and Tracking: We use cookies and other tracking technologies to deliver personalized ads. Users will be informed about our use of cookies and can manage their preferences through our website.
  • Social Media: Advertising on social media platforms must adhere to both this policy and the specific advertising policies of the platforms used.

4. Prohibited Practices

  • Deceptive Advertising: Ads must not contain false or deceptive claims, such as misrepresenting the benefits of our services or creating unrealistic expectations.
  • Bait and Switch: Advertising one service at an attractive price with the intention of selling a different service at a higher price is prohibited.
  • Inappropriate Content: Ads must not contain content that is violent, sexually explicit, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate.

5. Review and Approval

All advertisements must be reviewed and approved by our marketing team before publication to ensure compliance with this policy. This includes all forms of advertising, including print, digital, social media, and email marketing.

6. Complaints and Feedback

We take complaints and feedback about our advertising seriously. If you believe an advertisement is misleading or violates this policy, please contact us at:

PowerKeys Locksmith LLC
Phone: 844-797-5397
Email: service@powerkeyslocksmith.com

7. Changes to This Advertising Policy

We may update this Advertising Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Advertising Policy on our website. You are advised to review this policy periodically for any changes.